Wednesday, March 26, 2014

8 months.

Dear Henry,

It's been a big month!
classic pose

As always, I cannot believe how big you are, and how quickly time passes.

You grew 4 teeth this month.  In 4 days.  You were a champ.  You were only slightly fussier than normal, but honestly, most people couldn't tell that you were teething, because you are that awesome.

Due to you growing teeth and your extreme interest in trying to feed yourself, I decided to let you try to feed yourself those little dissolving puffs.  It took you a few minutes to understand that this was food, and not a toy, but once I let you take a bite, you were hooked.  It took you another few minutes to understand the best way to pick them up.  You alternate between your left and right hands equally, so no signs as to which hand will dominate.  Sometimes you get frustrated with getting the puff into your mouth, so you just hold it in your hand and suck your thumb...whatever, that's close enough.

whatcha' doing Mama?

The greatest invention of all time is this little mesh bag that holds chunks of food like carrots or apples so that you can bite on it and suck the juice, but it's not a choking hazard, since you are still working on the whole chewing thing.  It's tough with only 6 teeth.

You are an accomplished sitter.  You can sit for long periods of time, and typically only fall over if you get pushed, or reach too far behind you or beside you.  We have even started putting you in high chairs when we go to restaurants, which allows Mommy 10 minutes to eat her food instead of 5.

Henry discovers his pillow

You have a sense of humor.  You still think pulling your socks off is the greatest trick in the world, and if you can put them in your mouth and chew on them, you think you've solved all of the world's greatest problems.  You know that you are not supposed to do this, so when Mommy catches you with a sock in your mouth instead of on your feet, you laugh hysterically.

You are beginning to discover what us learned adults called "object permanence."  Basically what that means in kid talk is that you look for something after you drop it, and peek-a-boo is a lot of fun.

This pillow is the greatest thing ever!

You are not crawling yet, but I feel like it is coming around the corner.  You can pull up onto your forearms and knees and rock back and forth, but no crawling yet.  That's ok by me, because we haven't baby-proofed the house yet.

Speaking of which, your favorite things to play with are cords (specifically iPhone cords), dog hair on the carpet, empty water bottles and Mommy's keys.  Of all the toys, these are the things you will go for when you are loose on the floor.

Teething stinks!

We love you so much Henry!  We're so excited for the next month and all the new things it will bring!

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