Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter with a son

So, of course this was Henry's first Easter, but it was also my first Easter as a parent...a parent to a son, at that.  Wow!  This really made Easter special and so incredibly meaningful.  Honestly, I could hardly keep the tears back all day.

Sitting in service, singing praise songs, all I could think about was the HUGE sacrifice that our loving Father made for us, in sacrificing His only Son.  I could no sooner imagine sacrificing my son for anything or anyone than I could imagine growing a tail.  The love that I feel in my fallen, sinful heart for my son is nothing compared to the unconditional love our Father poured on us through His Son, Jesus.  

And it gets better.

This sacrifice was for Henry.  As much as I love Henry, I know that I cannot love him into the kingdom of God.  I pray every night that I can point him in the right direction, but he is his own person, on his own trajectory in life.  The fact that Jesus died for my son's sins, and that my son will get a chance at a relationship with God and citizenship in God's holy family shows me what an incredible GIFT it is to raise a child.  I get to raise him as mine, and teach him about God's incredible love for him.  For every missed opportunity, every tear, every failing of mine, I know that Henry has a perfect Saviour that rescues my failings as a parent.  However perfect I think Henry is to me now, I know that someday he will lie, he will cheat, he will call me names, yet despite his utter human-ness, His sins are already forgiven!  

I seriously cannot comprehend the magnitude of Easter, nor can I appropriately put my thoughts into words...sorry.

Happy late Easter!  He is risen!

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