Tuesday, June 24, 2014

11 months

Henry, your 11 month birthday was quite the occasion for us both.  It was the day of our glorious reunion after Mommy was gone for A.WHOLE.WEEK in Guatemala.  Your sweet Daddy bought me flowers and made a hand made sign, but I only had eyes for you :)

Words cannot express.

This month you really turned on the after burners.  You are such a speed crawler!  If I close my eyes, I could easily lose track of you except for the fact that you tend to laugh and scream when you crawl.  I guess you are as excited about crawling as I am.  

Your balance has gotten so much better.  You can stand while barely holding on, and you can even squat down to pick up something off the floor.  You have no problem walking as long as you hold onto Mommy's fingers, but you haven't tried to walk on your own yet.

I can really tell you are developing some memories.  For instance: you know that if you crawl into Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, Mommy's shoes can be found to the left, and the bathroom is an immediate right, behind two doors that you effortlessly push out of your way.

You are such a little thinker.  You are just like your Mommy, Lord help you, and your little face is an open book for all of your emotions.  Your little eyebrows crinkle when you are deep in thought.  

We recently bought you a couple of new toys that really bring out your intellectual side.  It's the classic box with a lid with shapes cut out, so that you have to figure out which shapes go through which hole.  Your Daddy insists that you're smarter than the average kiddo, because instead of spending time figuring out which shape goes in which hole, you take the lid off the box and just put the shapes directly in the box.  Funny little guy.

You ornery streak is ever-present.  You still love going after plugs, and you have such an affinity for crawling into the bathroom.  Your favorite climbing surface is the baby gate, especially the one at the top of the stairs.  You love finding minute pieces of who-knows-what to stick in your mouth, especially dog hair and dust bunnies.  You have learned the word "No," and most of the time you obey.

This month was Daddy's first Father's Day.  Mommy was in Guatemala, so not much celebrating happened on the day itself, but you celebrated by growing your first molar.  Daddy says you were so fussy, grouchy, and refused to take your naps.  Your crib shows the markers of your little teeth all along the edges.  We will be investing in a protective rail covering soon.

We love you more and more each and every day and love the little man you are growing into!

To top this off, I thought I would conclude with 11 pictures for your 11 months.

Pensive Henry

Frustrated Henry

"I hate this chair" Henry

Curious Henry

Content Henry

Balancing Henry

"Readers are leaders" Henry

Climbing Henry

Surfer Henry

Over the edge Henry

"My molar hurts" Henry


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