Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Henry's newborn pics

I interrupt this temporary blogging silence (otherwise known as first time motherhood) to bring you pictures of Henry.  In honor of one my emotional pouty fits where I lamented the fact that Henry is no longer "little," I decided to go through his newborn pics, which were taken when he was 5 days old.  Here are some of my favorites...

Such a distinguished little man

absolutely angelic

My VERY favorite

Mommy lovin'

Daddy lovin'

And the Arkansas brainwashing begins...

Our first family photo

He will be a pilot if we can help it :)

Henry with my old lovie "Pinky" and JP's old lovie "Ducky Bucky"

All wrinkles and pudge

Such a sweet sleeper

I have about 5 blog posts in mind that I need to jot down, but I only have 30-45 minute windows of time where my arms are free...but I wouldn't trade this time for anything.  Love my sweet little man :)

****Photos courtesy of Grace Hill Photography.  If you're in the Houston area and looking for a photographer, check her out!  We love her and her pictures and have made her our go-to family photographer.

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