Monday, October 21, 2013

3 months old!

This past weekend marked my sweet little man turning 3 months old!  

I know you probably get tired of hearing this, but I am constantly amazed at how quickly time flies!  I had the opportunity to hold an 8 day old several days ago, and I was amazed at how tiny it was.  I really cannot remember him being that small, even though he was.

The transition from month 2 to month 3 has brought so many fun, new things!  Henry is really discovering his mouth.  He can smile, laugh, and is constantly cooing and babbling.  He is almost constantly moving his mouth in some way, whether he is sucking on his bottom lip, sucking on his hand, or sticking out his tongue.  About 1 week ago, he transitioned from sucking on his whole fist to just sucking on his thumb.  We haven't really encouraged the use of a pacifier, since he doesn't really like it, but he has really taken to his thumb.  He has really figured out how to self-soothe with his thumb, which has led to better nap times and longer sleep at night, which I can't argue with.  He is also so much more interactive.  He definitely knows his Mommy and Daddy!  He will let anyone hold him, but he will look for us across a room.  He also has gained better control of his body.  He can hold his head up when he is on his tummy, and can sit with very little assistance.  He can put most of his weight on his legs when standing, as long as we are holding him, of course.  

Such a handsome little man.

We had a very busy weekend, and Henry was a trooper.  Our church has a program called Big Night Out, where they offer childcare and encourage young married couples to go out for a date night.  We were happy to take advantage of this service, and were so excited to get to go out to dinner with some friends and enjoy adult conversation without having to constantly check on the baby...very liberating :)

Saturday morning, we had our first follow up missions event from our Houston 1:8 site this summer.  I never got around to writing a post about Houston 1:8, since Henry came one short week later.  Houston 1:8 is a mission trip of sorts that our church sponsors.  There are around 15 different sites around the city.  The idea is for people to volunteer after work for the week and get involved in the community.  JP and I have coordinated a site for the past 3 years.  We have actually had 3 different sites in 3 years, but this past year we served at a site called Sunblossom Mountain apartments.  The majority of the people residing in this apartment complex are international refugees, mostly coming from central/East Asia.  This is such a unique opportunity to reach internationals since they are literally in our backyard.  We had a VBS program of sorts for the young kids, and separate programs for the teenage boys and girls.  We also were able to reach a small group of women through arts and crafts.  We had an evangelism and prayer team that walked around the complex and tried to engage other adults in conversations about their various religious backgrounds and speak to them about Jesus.  This is one of my favorite things about our church, which is why we pour so much of our time into this event.  This is also why we decided to go ahead and continue coordinating the event even though we knew I would be 37 weeks pregnant.  The Lord provides, what can I say?

Our team

To make a very long story short, due to the success of the event, we felt like there was an amazing opportunity to set up ongoing ministry at this complex.  We had our first event this past Saturday, where we joined forces with the apartment and Houston Police Department to speak out against domestic abuse and provide food and community for the residents.  Again, the event was a huge success and opened doors for us to continue our ministry there.  It was also Henry's first official "mission trip" since being out of the womb.

Some of the kids waiting for food

Saturday night we had some friends over to watch the Bears dominate in football!  They ended up winning 71-7 and are now #5 in the Coach's Poll and #6 in the AP poll.  Sic 'em Bears!  

Sunday morning we got up and went to church, then had lunch with some friends and their 1 year old, Annabelle.  Although she is a little older, maybe when he grows a little we can fix a little arranged marriage between them...whaddya say Liz?

Henry wore this little number to church to commemorate the Bears' victory

Sunday evening, we went to the park for Henry's 3 month pictures.  We got some good family shots as well that you will probably see in our Christmas card.  Henry was such a trooper!  He was very tired, and his schedule was a little off, but we managed to get some smiles from him :)  So excited to see how they turn out!

So cute and matching...not planned at all :)
(photo courtesy of Grace Hill Photography)
We love you, sweet Henry, and are so excited to see what the next month brings!

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