Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally....Henry's nursery!

So, I know Henry is almost 4 months and everything, but I figured better late than never.

Sorry for the delay, folks.  As a mommy of a newborn, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and a preggo that never experienced nesting, I didn't feel that his nursery was truly "done" until recently.  A lot of love and planning went into this room, and my hope is that we have given him a space that is all his own; an environment that encourages growth and development; a safe place for him to come home to.

And now, without further ado, I will now give you a virtual tour of Henry's nursery.

Starting with Henry's door.  This is the one and only hand-made project that I completed prior to Henry's arrival.  I made it the week after we found out that Henry was a he.

Here is the other side of Henry's door.  Lest he forget his own name, you will see it posted in various places around his room.  This was made by my talented SIL, and was featured at our Tulsa shower.

Next up is the crib.  We chose this particular one because it converts into a toddler bed and also into a headboard and footboard for a full sized bed.  In other words, this bed has the potential to grow with Henry.

Side view

Henry's view from the inside, featuring plaid and planes.
Now, my personal favorite spot...the reading corner.

Because if I have anything to do with it, my son will be a reader.  READERS ARE LEADERS!

The storage cabinet featuring one of my favorite shower gifts.

The shadowbox has one of my Dad's baby outfits and a picture of
him wearing this outfit in 1952.

Now a tour of some of the wall art.
A unique piece of art with a plane made of tiny pieces of paper cut from magazines,
flanked by two of the verses I like to pray over Henry.

An authentic WWII airplane propeller that was JP's and made it through his house fire--it's one of JP's favorite childhood items and he is so excited to pass it to Henry.
Some pictures of my Grandad who was a turret ball gunner in WWII.
Henry's middle name Robert, came from this wonderful man.

Another original from my talented SIL.

Finally, a few shots that put it all together.

And there you have it! 

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