Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Half Birthday, Henry!

Happy Half Birthday, little man!

I'm pretty sure I say this every month, but month 6 brought so much change and development.  So much has happened, that I can't possibly cover it all, but I'll try to hit the highlight reel.

1.  Your first two teeth came in!  I will take a moment to brag on my little guy, because I have always heard how awful teething is, and you made it through without fever or excessive fussiness.  We were surprised when we discovered your teeth because you had been acting so normally, aside from all the drooling :)

2.  With the advent of teeth, Mommy has started weaning you off of breastmilk.  You are quite the little biter, so we have started feeding you almost exclusively with bottles.  You did not take to this transition very well, and were quite finicky about which bottle you would drink out of, despite the fact that you had been drinking bottles since you were two weeks old.  We went through 4 different brands of bottles before we settled on the fifth brand, Tommee Tippee.  It's amazing how much of a different it made.

3.  You know how to reach for things.  You have figured out that if you want something, you can reach with your hands and get it yourself.  Whatever you reach for inevitably ends up in your mouth, unless it's connected to a stationary object, which brings about #4.

4.  You are beginning to show frustration.  You are learning cause and effect, and when the results are not what you expect, you whine or cry to show your frustration.  If you want to put something in your mouth, but it doesn't reach, you whine.  If you get stuck on your belly and have a hard time rolling back over, you cry.

5.  You can now roll both ways!  You've been rolling from back to front for several months, but you developed the new trick of rolling from front to back.  This makes tummy time so much more enjoyable for you.  Daddy was home with you when you rolled from front to back the first time, and he said you did it so fast, it was as if you had been doing it for months!

6.  You LOVE to eat!  So far, you have had rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash and apples.  Your favorite is green beans :)

7.  You love to go on jogs around the neighborhood with Mommy or Daddy.  We haven't tried very long runs with you yet, but you really enjoy the scenery for the 30 minutes or so that we're out and about.

8.  You've started really playing with your toys.  Your favorite toy right now is a set of links that Mommy put together for you.  You hold them in your little fingers and enjoy shaking them, and of course, putting them in your mouth.

9.  You aren't quite sitting up on your own, but you are "tripod-ing" for several seconds at a time.

10.  You are quite the talker!  You can say all of your vowel sounds, but can also say w's, b's, m's, y's, g's.

11.  You have learned to blow raspberries, and you seem to always time them perfectly when Mommy or Daddy are in the middle of a conversation or we're in a big group of people.  I have a feeling you will be grow to be a little comedian.

12.  Your favorite thing to chew on is your sock.  You absolutely love pulling them off and putting them in your mouth.  It grosses us out, but you absolutely squeal with delight when you do it.

We love you more and more everyday and are so excited to watch you grow!


Mommy (and Daddy)

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