Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I serve a small God.

Wait!  Don't burn me at the stake just yet....

I have been wrestling through a study on the book of Hosea and it has been both painfully and gloriously enlightening.

One of the shocking self discoveries I have uncovered is this: It is so much easier for me to believe in a Big God, than a small one.

Not sure what I mean?

I'm down with the Big God.  You know, the God that parts seas, demolishes whole towns/armies/people; the God that can create an army out of skeletons, that can send a variety of rather horrible plagues; the God that sends bread from heaven just to feed his favorite children; who can both strike the living dead, and raise the dead to life; the God who can both shut a lion's mouth, and open the belly of a whale; a God who literally stood in the fire with 3 of his followers.

This is a BIG GOD.  Surely this is a God that is worthy of worship, am I right?  

This is a God that inspires awe, and maybe a little bit of fear?

At the end of the day, you want to be on this God's team, because surely this Big God can handle whatever your meager problems are, right?

The God that is harder for me to wrap my mind around is the God of small things.  The God that whispers quiet words of encouragement in my ear; the God that knows the hairs on my head; the God that knit me together in the womb; the God who knows all of my deepest, darkest, scary places, but still pursues me anyway.

Sometimes it seems like two different Gods.

When I am faced with an insurmountable task, I want the Big God.

When the world is too big, and I am too small, I think I'll take the Small One.

Are you ready for a little secret?  It may not come as too much of a surprise, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE.  He is a constant presence, both Big and Small, all you have to do is ask for Him.  Whether you are screaming for Him to rescue you, or whispering for Him to dry your tears, He is there.

Rest in that, dear friends.

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