Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Henry...

Happy 21 weeks!  We are officially over halfway through this pregnancy!

I have to say, kid, you've taken it pretty easy on your mama.  I've continued to feel great throughout this pregnancy, and have pretty much continued living my life the way I did before you were formed (sans a few bad habits, like margaritas and diet sodas).

I think you have been going through a little growth spurt.  Last time you were measured, you weighed in at 7 ounces at 18 weeks, and according to my books, you should weight about 12 ounces.  You have almost doubled in size!  I can definitely tell when you are going through a growing phase, because there have been some days lately where I feel like a bottomless pit...literally my hunger is completely insatiable sometimes.  Also, I went from wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes pretty comfortably, to not being able to button my jeans comfortably almost overnight.

It's so amazing to me how you are your own unique person already.  You are very active and squirmy, and love doing what feels like somersaults in my belly.  You don't really have a routine of your own yet, you mostly follow my lead.  You get really active after I eat, so I think you have a big appetite like your daddy.  We are still going on runs together, although you have been really pressing on my bladder lately.  It would be so much more enjoyable if you would quit that :)  Your most active time of the day is when I lay down before I go to sleep. I'm really hoping this doesn't become a permanent routine, little one....your daddy and I both really like to sleep.

You, me and Daddy have been watching a lot of basketball games lately, mostly Baylor and Arkansas, prior to the conference championships.  I'm reading that you can hear now, and although I doubt you can hear your daddy outside the womb, you do seem to react quite a bit when he is yelling at the tv.  I'm not quite sure if you're scared, or just excitable like he is.  Either way, get ready, because we watch a lot of sports in this house.

The dogs love you already.  They love to lay their heads on my ever-growing belly.  I keep hoping that you will kick while they do this, just to see their reaction, but this hasn't happened's hoping.  That would be really funny.

We love you already, Henry, and can't wait to meet you.

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