Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drumroll please...

Ok everyone, now that we have had our gender reveal with our family, we can officially announce that we are having a BOY!  His name is Henry Robert Johnson, and we are so excited to get to meet him :)

We picked his first name mostly just out of a compromise.  We had a hard time coming up with names that we agreed on.  JP really likes traditional (he says Southern) names, and I like more unique names.  We decided on Henry, because it is definitely traditional, but it's not crazy common.  My hope is that everyone knows how to pronounce and spell his name, but that he doesn't have 50 million kids in his class with his same name.  Robert came from my Grandad who passed away last fall.  I wanted to honor his passing, but also just wanted to honor his life and the person that he was.  And seriously, have you ever met a Bob you didn't like?

It was also important to us that the names didn't mean something stupid.  Some translations of my name say pearl.  What does that even mean?  Coincidentally, and absolutely not on purpose (although this is in the plus column for JP) both Henry and Robert are Germanic.  Ha.  Henry means "ruler of the home" or kingdom (think Henry VIII).  Robert means "bright fame." Our prayer for our little guy is that he is a strong man of God that will rule HIS home...not ours.

A few updates on the pregnancy:

I am now in my 20th week of the pregnancy.  I am finally starting to show, although only a little.  What's been really funny is watching my belly grow and shrink, throughout the day.  The only thing I can possibly come up with is that Henry has taken over the lower half of my abdomen, which is quite possibly SHOVING my intestines up higher than they used to be.  Seriously, I feel like I gain 1-2 inches by the end of the day, especially if I eat a large meal.  Speaking of which, I have had to adjust my eating slightly.  Although I know I am not big, and it will only get worse from here, it is seriously UNCOMFORTABLE if I eat too much.  Sometimes I literally feel like my stomach will explode.  As much as I love food, it is seriously not worth the discomfort.  Therefore, I try to eat smaller meals at mealtimes and just supplement with small snacks throughout the day.  So far, so good.

One thing that has been super disappointing is the lack of appropriate clothing for preggo ladies.  I am not needing maternity clothes really, but some of my clothes from my pre-pregnancy-body days just aren't flattering right now.  It's not that they don't fit, but because of the way I'm carrying, and the lack of baby belly, I kind of just look like I gained a disproportionate amount in my

Now that we know what he is, there are a few projects on the list of "to-do's."
1.  Decorate the nursery (duh)
2.  Decide on daycare vs. nanny and start that process
3.  Plan a baby-moon

By the way, I am intentionally not posting ultrasound pictures because we ended up with a disproportionate amount of gender-revealing pictures and I feel like I should spare the world and my son the embarrassment of close-ups of his genitals.

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