Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Prayer for Henry

No big developments this week.  Apparently we went through another growth spurt, because no less than 17 people have told me that there is a noticeable difference in my belly between this week and last week.

The theme that has been imprinted on my mind this week is parenting.  In the past week, I have been kicked and slapped by a 2 year old, and called a whore by a 3 year old.  Seriously.  Those things happened.

Although I'm not (quite) a parent yet, I am constantly surrounded by examples of parenting that are, in my opinion, less than ideal.  It has recently been brought to my attention in rather astounding ways that there is a whole generation of children that, for whatever reason, are not being parented.  Call it laziness, cultural differences, the desire to be the "cool parent," or maybe even the result of an unwanted child, but I'm sure everyone has encountered those children in the park, at your favorite restaurant, in the grocery store, or whatever location you happen to frequent.  The children I'm referring to are the ones who don't seem to know the word "no;" children who are allowed to be disrespectful to their elders; children who are allowed to run rampant and cause all kinds of destruction without consequences; children who are allowed to scream and throw tantrums until they are given whatever they desire....the list could go on.

So, without further ado, my prayer for Henry.

Our Father in Heaven,

Please, watch over and guide our Henry; help us to raise him in a way that is honoring to You and pleasing to You.

Lord, let him be self-confident, but also learn humility.
Please remind him that whatever talents You choose to give him, there is always someone stronger, faster, tougher, braver, smarter.

Lord, let him not given in to peer pressure.
And let us never find him in a Shipley's donuts on Saturday morning, hungover, talking loudly about what kind of "action" he got last night, and tossing his trash across the store in true alley-oop fashion. 

Lord, let him be an example to his peers.
Instead of following current pop culture that might lead him to believe that Justin Bieber is to be emulated in any way.

Lord, let him be respectful to his elders, to his peers, and especially to those that are less able.
Let us never hear degrading words directed towards any individual, or if we do, give us the strength to drag him by whatever body part we deem necessary to deliver any apology.

Lord, let him be kind to animals.
Let him walk our dogs, brake for animals, and never, ever carry a dog around in a purse.

Lord, let him hear Your voice the loudest.
Instead of the voices of our society that scream that money is our god, athletes are our heroes and self-worth is measured by labels.

Lord, let our marriage gross him out.
So that hopefully our Henry will treat women with respect and expect the same.

Finally, Lord, give us the strength to not be Henry's friends, but to be his parents.
Let us withstand the eye rolls that will surely be directed our way when we give him goodbye kisses, punish him for missing curfew, limit his technology time, or any other embarrassing things we can think of that are in his best interest.


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