Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long time no see...

Holey-moley, it has been a long time since I've written!  My intention was to write every week, but so much for that.  Lots of little updates to give this week:

1.  Hiccoughs: Henry has been getting these for several weeks, but he gets them ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, at least 2-3 times per day.  And they last at least 5-10 minutes.  It seems to really aggravate him, because he gets really active after he has the hiccoughs.  He gets that from me, I guess.  I get hiccoughs pretty bad, and they kind of make me angry...I mean, my life has to just go on hold while waiting on my body to quit hiccough-ing...but I digress.

2.  When it rains it pours!  We are so thankful to our friends and family for all of Henry's gifts.  We feel so blessed that so many of you have been supporting us during this time of change.  So many encouraging words and sweet prayers and gifts for Henry.  Really, we have been so blessed and are so thankful.  Our hearts are full.  (Note to hostesses: I'm the worst picture taker ever, and don't have good pictures of myself with the hostesses...if I did, your beautiful faces would be posted here!)  P.S.  I really have to get into this picture-taking thing, it's just frankly anti-Mom to not constantly be taking pictures, right?

JP and I at family shower

JP and I at family shower

My pregnant self at Houston shower
Diaper cake at Houston shower

3.  This has been a season of change for us in so many ways.  I think if you asked JP or myself how to sum up these past few months, we would both say, God provides.  As of July 31st, (don't worry, that is Henry's due date) my employer will change.  Honestly, not much will change for me, other than who gives me my paycheck.  My job will be pretty much 99% the same for now, but seriously, God, the timing?  I was pretty anxious about this for a few days while waiting to hear the official word from the new company, but as always, God provided and I think this will be an even better opportunity for me.  JP will start a new job tomorrow, which will be closer to home, allowing less commute time, and more Henry time for JP.  It'll be nice to have him home earlier and hopefully not as stressed :)  We will miss the discount, though.  Don't worry, we made a special trip just to get the last out of his employee discount.

Academy Sports + Outdoors
Goodbye, Academy
Charming Charlie
Hello, Chaming Charlie!

4.  The belly is getting BIG.  I'm not crazy uncomfortable at this point, but it just feels so UNNATURAL.  Have you ever watched a kid that goes through a huge growth spurt and they just seem so clumsy all the time?  I can totally relate.  I'm so used to my pre-pregnancy body, that I am constantly trying to "squeeze" through places that would never have been a tight fit and sometimes, I get stuck, or have to find an alternate route.  Sometimes, I flat out run the belly into stuff...counters, chairs.  It's like I have an extra appendage that came out of nowhere.

The stages of pregnancy, presented by the Miller/Johnson family
From right to left: 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, post-term

5.  Henry is getting BIG.  SSSSHHHH, don't tell my ob, but I cheated and during a slow time at work, took a peek at Henry with our ultrasound machine.  I hadn't laid eyes on him since 18 weeks, so it was really fun to see the changes that took place from weeks 18-33.  He is so big.  Thankfully, he is head down, so all is in place (hopefully) for a smooth delivery.  It was very cool to see so much detail this time, simply because he has grown.  I saw all 10 fingers and toes (5 on each hand and foot, haha), his liver, his kidneys, and his cute little heart, with 4 chambers and 4 valves, all working in perfect harmony.  That is so cool to me.  By the way, we have a thumb sucker on our hands!  He apparently is shy about his little face, because during both ultrasounds, he had his hands up and will not for the life of him give us a peek at a profile shot. I guess we will just have to be surprised.

6.  Nesting: This has been a little slow to occur.  Honestly, JP has been "nesting" more than I have.  For the past few weeks, we have just thrown anything baby related into the nursery, but had to do a quick clean up when the last pieces of our furniture arrived.  No joke, this was our nursery until about 5 days ago.  Credit goes to JP for cleaning up the clutter, I had no part in that :)

The girls checking out our first addition to the nursery
The state of the nursery circa 6/12/13

That wraps it up, for now.  We are getting so excited for our little bundle of joy to arrive!  We keep saying things like, "When Henry gets here," or "I can't wait to do this with Henry," or "I wish Henry could see this."  We are so excited for our little family of two to turn into three.

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