Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anniversary, Father's Day Weekend

Ok, I guess when you don't post in over a month, you end up with a lot to say....So, sorry to write two blog posts in one day, but I felt like it was necessary today, just to catch up.  Also, I felt like I needed to acknowledge the milestone weekend that this was for us: Thursday was JP's last day at Academy, Friday was our 5 year anniversary, Saturday was anniversary day take 2, and Sunday was JP's first official human Father's Day.  (I say human, because our canine children have celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day for the last 5 years.)

We decided a while back to go out of town this past weekend for a 5 year anniversary/babymoon trip.  We decided to do a weekend in San Antonio, do the Alamo, the Riverwalk, Sea World, etc.  This sounded like a great idea in theory 4 weeks ago.  So here's the catch: I feel fine being on my feet for 12 hours at work (in the air conditioning I might add) and working around the house (also air-conditioned).  But being 34 weeks pregnant makes me almost constantly hot and after a quick trip to the zoo two weeks ago, I figured out that the Houston weather is pretty much intolerable to me right now.  Couple my constant thirst with my ever growing belly and the Texas weather and the outdoors just is not pleasant right now.  Long story short, we nixed the idea of the mostly-outdoors-San Antonio trip.

So, we came to the agreement that we would just do a special weekend here.  We didn't plan a whole lot, so Friday was spent viewing the first showing of Man of Steel, followed by a day of baby shopping/putting together the nursery.  Despite our desire to make it a special anniversary to celebrate our "we-don't-have-kids-and-can-do-whatever-we-want-weekend," we ended up doing a lot of baby stuff.  Dang kids just take over everything, haha.  At the end of the day, not very romantic.

Saturday was our JP's attempt at redemption.  I must brag on him here.  We started the day with brunch, and then I was treated to a spa pedicure and prenatal massage--which felt wonderful while I was getting it, but I'm having second thoughts today--more to come later.  I won't go into mushy details that only mean something to us, but I was very pleasantly surprised...and proud.  My hubby is not always the most romantic and he did this all on his own :)







And of course, with it being Father's Day, I want to give a shout-out to all the men that have been and will be an influence on our little Henry:

My Grandpa (Joseph McArthur)
I hope Henry inherits the unique quality of being
wise and intellectual, while also being ridiculously silly
My Grandad and Henry's namesake (Robert Miller)
I hope Henry inherits his steadfastness, his sweet spirit, and his guts--(he was a turret gunner in WWII)

My Dad (Rick Miller)
I hope Henry inherits his determination and work ethic, and commitment to family.
JP's Dad (Bill Johnson)
We are so glad that Henry gets to pass on the
Johnson name.We know he would be proud.
We hope Henry inherits his generosity,
adventurous spirit, and Southern charm.

JP's Stepdad (David Jackson)
We hope Henry inherits his wisdom, his patience,
and his listening skills.

Last, but not least, Henry's Daddy.  I'm so excited to see how JP will change and grow with Henry.  I know we both have a lot of growing up and growing together coming our way, and I'm excited to get to walk through this process with my hubby.  I know he will make me a better mom, and I pray I will help make him a better dad.  I hope Henry inherits JP's sense of humor, and his ability to be so quick to forgive (a trait I do not have).  I can only imagine our little Henry being a miniature version of JP.  I think he will also inherit (whether voluntarily or forcefully) all of JP's hobbies--his love of Arkansas sports, fishing, hunting, video games, Star Wars.  I think Henry will idolize his Daddy; I just hope I can keep up :)

If we could give little Henry the longest name in the world, and an identity complex, we would have named him Henry Robert Joseph Richard William David John Johnson, but alas, he only gets one middle name.  You have a lot of big shoes to fill, kid, and we are so excited to help you and watch you fill them.

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