Monday, June 24, 2013

Winding down...


  • We had our maternity photos yesterday--pretty hot, but I think we got some great shots and I am so excited to see how they turn out.  
  • One car seat base down, one to go.
  • The nursery is 97% done, but the perfectionist in me does not want to post pictures until it's done-done.
  • Nesting.  Does it count as nesting if you're spending most of your time NOT in the baby's room?  i.e. sprucing up your kitchen/living area?

I've been told this time would come, but now that it's here, it seems too soon!  It's funny how time can move so quickly and so slowly at the same time.  I seriously feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER, but I have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that my due date is NEXT MONTH.  Starting next week, I will see my ob every. single. week.  Yikes.  Now that the pregnancy is coming to a close, I have spent some time thinking about these last 35 weeks.  There are definitely things that I will miss, and things that I will definitely not miss.

Things that I'll miss:
1.  Feeling little Henry squirm and kick--it's so neat that I know everything that is going on with Henry, and no one else does.  It's like I constantly have a little secret :)
2.  Constantly being told I'm "tiny."  Seriously, I get this several times a day, and it is nice to be complimented.
3.  How easy it is to care for Henry.  I'm sure when I'm waking up multiple times a night to feed the little guy, I will wish it was as easy as having an umbilical cord.
4.  The pregnancy card.  I will miss having this card in my deck of excuses; however, maybe the newborn card can take it's place?
5.  Eating for two.  Ok, so I don't eat double of what I did pre-pregnancy, in fact, I really don't eat that much more, but my metabolism is quite different, and I don't feel as guilty when I eat dessert or an extra snack...Henry wants it, not me!
6.  It being just us two.  I am confident that JP and I will love this next stage of life with little Henry, but it's a lot of fun being a young married couple with no obligations.  I'll miss being able to just fly by the seat of our pants and do whatever spontaneous activity we feel like doing (although admittedly, this control freak does not let that happen all that often).
7.  This is a silly one, but my hair and nails are so healthy and grow so fast.  It gives me an excuse to get pampered a little more often with hair cuts and pedicures.

Things that I will not miss:
1.  EVERYONE having any opinion on EVERYTHING.  It's getting very old having to hear everyone's various comments on my pregnancy.  "Are you sure you're that far along?"  "Are you sure you should be doing that/lifting that/running/exercising/eating that/working?"  "What's your birth plan--and all the controversy that goes with that..."
2.  People doting on me unnecessarily.  Seriously, I realize I am pregnant and kind of huge, but I can still do basic things for myself.  I am actually still physically able to walk, feed myself, pick things up off of the floor, carry my own purse, etc.
3.  Not being able to sleep on my back.  I am seriously so excited to sleep on my belly again.
4.  Having to pee every 5 seconds.  Enough said.
5.  Finding out every few weeks that my clothes don't fit anymore.  I haven't cried yet, but almost.
6.  Crazy hormonal emotions.  (I don't think JP will miss this either).
7.  Feeling like everyone is looking at me.  I mean, I know not EVERYONE is looking at me, but the belly does kind of draw attention to itself.  I will be happy to just fade back into the background.
8.  Having food/beverage restrictions.  I mean, I'm not a lush or anything, but knowing that I can't have things makes me want them so dang bad.  I just want a huge turkey sandwich with a Diet Dr. Pepper and a margarita to boot.
9.  Ok, this one is very superficial and silly, but seriously, I am so ready to be able to buy normal clothes.  I am a huge online shopping addict, and when I find something cute online, I have a moment of panic where I try to talk myself out of buying a particular item for fear it will not be for sale when I am back to my regular body (however long that takes.)
10.  Skipping the hard workouts.  While I have been able to exercise up to this point, and will probably continue throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I am not doing long runs, or fast runs, or doing any kind of crunch or exercise on my back.  I am honestly looking forward to hitting the gym for a hardcore workout.

So...having read my two lists above, it looks like there are more cons than there are pros.  This really isn't the case, I have truly enjoyed my pregnancy.  There is nothing quite like knowing you have life that you helped create growing inside of you.  It is the most beautiful, honoring, humbling experience a woman can have.  I highly suggest it...unless you're a man, then of course you can't relate :)

At this stage, I am just so excited for the end...I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am so excited to get to meet our little Henry.  I'm excited to touch him and hold him and learn every detail of his little face.  I'm excited to watch him grow and develop into an individual, with his own likes and dislikes and his own little personality.  Can't wait to see you on the other side, little one (literally and figuratively, ha!).

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