Sunday, September 22, 2013

Henry's 2 month letter

Dear Henry,

I haven't written you a letter since you've been born, so I figured it was about time.  Please excuse my tardiness, we have been quite busy!

You just turned 2 months old, and it is absolutely amazing how much you have changed since that fateful Saturday night when they placed you in my arms.

2 months young!
My sweet boy, just 1 day old

Here are a few little remarks that I want us both to remember.

Week 1: Mommy and Daddy had no idea how much work you would be, but also how quickly we would fall in love with you!  For one whole week, Mommy and Daddy took turns sleeping because you would only sleep in our arms.  You were quite demanding, little one.  You slept anywhere and everywhere for probably 22 hours a day....the other 2 hours you were crying :)

We took a lot of naps like this

Week 2: Daddy went back to work and Mimi came to visit.  Of course Mimi fell in love with you right away.  We settled into a feeding routine, and you were kind enough to start sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night.  We took you for your 2 week check up, and you had exceeded your birth weight by 1 pound!  (I should have known then...)

Papa, Mimi and Uncle Jordan

Week 3: It's you and me against the world, little man.  Daddy's at work, and the rest of the family is gone.  Luckily, we had some yummy meals brought to us so Mommy didn't have to cook.  This was a very sweet time for us, as we were still getting to know one another and settling into our routine.

Some very serious pouting after Mommy tried to give you your vitamin drops

Week 4:  This week, we took you out of the house a lot.  You and I went on our first walk around the neighborhood, we went on our first errands together, and it was your first week going to church.  You usually cooperate pretty well, especially when you're in your stroller.  You have really discovered your hands.  You have a daily "wiggle time" where you stretch and move your arms around.  Mommy and Daddy joke that it looks like you are conducting an orchestra.  This is the week you finally grew out of your newborn clothes and started wearing 0-3 month clothes.

First walk in the stroller

Wiggle Time

Week 5:  You discovered your teddy bears this week.  Mommy started putting you in your swing every morning while I eat breakfast.  There are three little bears that hang down about 8-12 inches above you and you love your bears.  You stare at them while you swing back and forth.  You have learned to track them with your eyes.  I think this is when you do your serious thinking.  You get a very stern look at your face while you look at your bears.

Teddy Bear time
Pouting because Mommy took off your clothes

Week 6:  Mommy gave in and took you to the doctor.  I had been wondering if you might have GERD, because you were not eating and sleeping well.  You would eat for about 5 minutes, and then arch your back and cry hysterically.  You would only sleep for 1-2 hours because you hadn't taken a full feeding.  This was a very exhausting week for both of us.  Your pediatrician agreed and put you on some medicine.  You LOVE your medicine.  It is strawberry flavored, and you lick your lips when you're done.  We checked your weight, and although you hadn't been eating well, we could not tell it by your weight.  You gained 2.5 lbs since your 2 week visit!  Such a big, growing boy!

Flirting with Mommy

Week 7:  You really started smiling this week.  You have been smiling since birth, but usually your smiles indicated Mommy and Daddy were going to get a big surprise in your diaper.  Your smiles are definitely intentional now.  In fact, Mommy and Daddy can usually make you smile, either by talking to you or smiling at you.  You also started "talking" a lot.  You're not exactly babbling, only making vowel sounds.  Lots of oooooohs and aaaaaahs.  We have little conversations where you answer me when I talk to you.  I'm so curious to know what it is you're trying to communicate!

Cheesin' it up

Week 8:  We started cry-it-out.  Mommy received some encouragement that you were probably old enough to start soothing yourself to sleep.  You would cry and cry in your bed until Mommy picked you up.  Sometimes you would even learned how to manipulate Mommy very early, little toot.  This was really hard for Mommy.  You cried for an hour twice on the first day.  Mommy just laid on the couch and tried not to cry.  It was so hard for me to not run into your room and pick you up.  You are learning very quickly, and you are now going to sleep after only 5-10 minutes of crying.  You are taking longer naps and your awake times are becoming very productive.  It is so interesting to see you interact with the world around you.  We bought you your first stuffed animal, Tigger, after getting your 2 month vaccinations.  You LOVE Tigger.  You talk to him, smile at him.  You track him with your eyes, and reach for him to touch his fur.  He is definitely your favorite toy.  You were very brave when you got your shots!  Mommy hated to hear you cry, but it's important to get your shots so you don't get sick with bad diseases.  We checked your weight again, and you gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks!  You are GINORMOUS!

In your Sunday best.

Tigger time

You are such a joy in our lives, Henry.  No matter what you do, we have nothing but love for you.  We love getting to interact with you as you grow and meet your milestones.  Every day is different, but it keeps getting better and better.  We can't wait to watch you grow and develop your own little personality.


Mommy (and Daddy)

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