Monday, September 30, 2013

Henry's first road trip.

This past weekend we took our little man on his first road trip.

Our destination: Tulsa

Our mission: see as much family in as little amount of time as possible

Day 1: JP headed into work to finish up some last minute things while I fed Henry and assembled all of his necessary items.  I also packed up some snacks and drinks so we only had to stop to feed Henry and not ourselves :) JP made it home and we packed our car in record time.  We pulled out of our driveway at 1:20 pm.  Our goal was to make it the whole way to Tulsa (normally a 7-8 hour drive), but we told ourselves we would stop whenever we needed to.  We stopped at the famous Buc-ee's in Madisonville for a pit stop and for Henry's feeding #1.  We made it to Dallas in record time, however, Dallas traffic was an absolute nightmare.  We had the brilliant idea of trying to take a different route around the city.  Bad idea.  It took us two hours to go roughly 40 miles from South of Dallas to Plano.  We stopped in Plano for Henry's feeding #2, and ate dinner at In-N-Out Burgers.  We continued our journey into Oklahoma, where we stopped in lovely Atoka, OK for feeding #3 in a wonderful Wal-Mart parking lot.  We pushed it the rest of the way until we got to my parents' house right before midnight.  Whew!  Long day.

So excited to be on the road!

Day 2:  We slept in to recover from our long day #1, then got up to meet JP's family at Zoe's Kitchen.  We then headed to JP's sister's house where Henry met his aunt Kerry and uncle Frank and his cousins, Brandon and Brad.  Later, Henry's aunt Jenny and uncle Marty and cousins Hunter and Cole came over and joined us for dinner.  Of course, Henry put on a show and flirted with all the ladies :)

Henry and his Gramma
Henry & aunt Jenny (or FA for favorite aunt)

Day 3: We had a lazy morning with Henry's Mimi and Papa until uncle Jordan came home from school.

Uncle Jordan feeding Henry

We all watched the Oklahoma State/WVU game until Henry's great-grandmother, my Granny, came over.  Henry LOVED being held by her.  He took two long naps in her arms.  A cold front was blowing through, so Granny rocked him on the porch, covered by a blanket, and he was so cozy.

Henry and his great-grandmother, Granny

Later that afternoon, Henry's great aunt Robin and Leslie came over for dinner.  Henry did so great, talking and smiling as he was passed from person to person.  Then, we watched the Arkansas/Texas A&M game, which didn't end the way we wanted, but we did get to see this fabulous little number:

Day 4: We had another lazy morning, then ate a late breakfast with Mimi and Papa.  We packed everything up again and headed out of Tulsa around 12:30.  We made it almost all the way to the state line, but had to stop in Durant, OK for a feeding and some Braum's fresh-squeezed limeades.  As we crossed into Texas, we welcomed Henry to his home state with a moving rendition of "Deep in the Heart of Texas."  We continued our trek through Texas until we stopped in Fairfield, TX for another feeding.  Henry was wide awake at this point, having slept a lot more than is normal for him during the day.  I sat with him in the back and tried to pre-occupy him as best I could.

Not too thrilled to be back in the car for another 9 hour drive

Around 8:00, when it was dark outside, he sensed that I was trying to shush him to sleep and threw a medium to large sized tantrum.  He cried off and on for about 30 minutes before he crashed.  He woke up right as we were pulling into our neighborhood around 9:00.

Goodness, this weekend absolutely flew by!  While we considered this an extremely successful trip, we also decided we will prrrrrobably be flying next time :)

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