Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our family's yes.


Such a simple word that often brings forth a life changing and dynamic moment.

I recently read THIS AMAZING BOOK that I highly recommend, and it put the thought into my head of what yes's I have made in my life.

So let's rewind a few years to the first yes so that you can get a good look at the journey we have traveled.

JP and I said yes to marriage.
JP and I said yes to building a good foundation for marriage within a church community.
JP and I said yes to the opportunity to assist in leading a week long mission event at our church called Houston Project.
JP and I said yes when our fearless leaders moved to San Antonio and we became the leaders instead of the assistants.
JP and I said yes when we found out our church was hosting a semester long class called Perspectives.
JP and I said yes when we were given the opportunity to lead a new Houston Project site with Bhutanese refugees.
JP and I said yes the following year when we were given the opportunity to lead yet another new site with Bhutanese and Burmese refugees.
JP and I said yes when we felt God calling us to organize and plan year round kids' ministry with the refugee kids.

And now, here we are.  On the brink of yet another summer and yet another Houston 1:8 (formerly Houston Project.)

Looking back four years ago, we could never have imagined this journey we have been on.  God didn't ask big things of us.  He gave us a chunk at a time, so that each successive thing seemed just enough for us to handle.  Y'all!  I can only imagine what I would have said to my 20 something self if I knew that I would be carting my 2 month old baby twice a month to an apartment of international refugees.  That is madness!

I'm sure it sounds like madness to many people.  And maybe that's ok.  I think we all are a different brand of crazy, and maybe ours isn't to your liking, because it's not the crazy God wants for you.

I look forward, and I am so excited to see what God asks us to say yes to in the future.  Because I know two things for sure:
1.  He will continue to ask if we continue to say yes.
2.  He will ask us to do something slightly (maybe more than slightly) uncomfortable, but He will always equip us with more than we could ever imagine.

What is God asking you to say yes to?

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