Thursday, August 14, 2014

I hate change

...and how I threw a huge stinkin' fit over a computer.

I am writing this post from a  I should be happy, right?  I should be drooling over its new features and spending way too much time customizing it to my liking.  Except that I hate it. 

I don't hate the actual computer so much as I hate the concept of a new computer.  My old computer was 6 years old.  Practically Stone Age, huh?  It took me through our first years of marriage, PA school, pregnancy, Henry's birth and four Houston 1:8's.  It had countless pictures, documents, spreadsheets, etc.  (So much, that I was actually close to capacity and didn't know it...who would have thought?)  I could type the first two letters of any of my frequently visited websites and it knew what I wanted.  And now I will take a moment to shed a single tear over its loss.

Picture this: Henry was down for his morning nap, which is my time to watch a Gilmore Girls rerun, check email and spend some time on Good Ol' Faithful.  I was done perusing various blogs and websites and had no email to return, so I casually set my computer on the back of the couch where it meets the wall...I know, I know.  Not the best idea, but this is where it has been for literally months, if not years.  And all of a sudden...WHAM!  It fell to the ground with a sickening crash.  After quickly making sure the baby was still asleep (which is the most important thing after all), I reached down the wall to pick up the computer and prayed a silent prayer. 

All I got was a continuous loading know that blue Windows screen that shows a circle going around and around and around?

So I grabbed my phone and frantically called my technically-minded husband.  I was FREAKING OUT.

"All of Henry's pictures are on there!"

"All of my contacts are on there!"

"All of our Sunblossom documents are on there!"

Despite the fact that he assured me he could recover the data even if the computer wouldn't turn on, I was just beyond consolation.

Henry woke up about this time and I was literally weeping.  I took Henry his milk and my shoulders were silently shaking while he gulped his milk.  He took one look at my crying face and started LAUGHING.  See?  Even my one year old thinks I'm ridiculous!

All this to say, everything is safe and recovered and transferred to a brand new computer.  I know, I bet you were glued to the edge of your seat wondering, right?

So, learn from my mistakes, people.

1.  Back up your dang hard drive! 
2.  Don't perch your computer on the precarious edge of the couch.
3.  Have someone in your life that can fix your technical computer issues.  If it's your husband, good for you, you married up!

So, take note of the fact that this ridiculous post immediately follows a post about staying grounded.  Irony, anyone?

Yes I'm still a human, living in the first world, suffering first world problems.  This is perhaps the hardest lesson of all.

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