Monday, July 7, 2014

Who has the time anyway?


That elusive white rabbit we chase down the bunny-hole.

That ticking crocodile, chasing us all over Neverland.

Time is money.

Living on borrowed time.

And so on.  And so forth.

The evangelical church has a lot to say on time.  I have sat through many a sermon and bible study about "protecting our time."  And I agree with the heart of this issue.  When you don't have enough time, prioritization is a must.


Talk to an evangelical Christian about donating their money, and they will likely answer yes.

Talk to the same Christian about praying for you, and the answer will likely be "Of course!"

Talk to the same Christian about donating their time and you might get a half-hearted, mumbled excuse about how busy they are.

Last year when my husband and I agreed to lead a Houston 1:8 site for the 3rd year, we hesitated.  We counted the days and knew that I would be 36 weeks pregnant.  Yes, that's right.  36 weeks pregnant, outside, in the Houston heat and humidity.

But we talk a big game, and we felt certain that this was a turning point where we could practice what we preach, or melt into hypocrisy.

Now, a year later, with a 11 1/2 month old, it's even more challenging.

It's taken a child to teach me that my time is not my own.  It doesn't belong to just me anymore.  My time revolves around meal times and nap times, and I just have less of it in general.

Leave it to an infant to teach me an important theology lesson.  OUR TIME IS NOT OUR OWN.  After all, as Christians, we all believe we are living on borrowed time anyway, right?

So, please don't read this as an indictment.  I hope you read this as an encouragement, to yes, guard your time, but also to recognize that living on God's time might look differently.  I once heard about treating your time as you do your budget.  And let me tell you, if you looked at how my time is divided, you would think that all I care about is my son, food, and social media.  Yikes.

Houston 1:8 is something our family makes time for.  What things does your family take time for?

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