Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why I run.

Confession: I am a runner.
Disclaimer: I am not a fast runner.

I only became interested in running about 6 years ago when we moved to Houston and I needed something to keep me active and in shape.  What is cheaper and easier than running outside?  It doesn't require anything but a pair of running shoes and a good playlist.  No monthly fees.  No expensive equipment.  No teammates.  Just you and the open road.

I started out HATING running.  When I started, I could barely run a mile.  Truthfully.  But I kept going.

Gradually we developed a love/hate relationship.  I hated to start running, but always loved the way it made me feel afterward.

Then I LIKED running.  I was running several times a week and it started getting easier.

Then I became ADDICTED to running.  A runner's high is a real thing.  I actually crave running when it's been several days since my last run.

What started as an easy way to keep active turned into a lifestyle of sorts.  These days, I run for many reasons.

I run because I can, in recognition of all those who can't.

I run because although there is some temporary discomfort, it is also extremely cathartic.

I run because it builds confidence.

I run because it's something I can do uniquely for myself.

I run because I like it.

I run because finishing a goal or setting a personal record makes me feel accomplished.

Finally, I run because I support Sabeena.

I support Sabeena, and I support her family, As Our Own.

I run so that she can LEARN.

I run so that she can BE SAFE.

I run for her EMPOWERMENT.

I run so that she can HAVE A FAMILY.

I run so that she can HAVE A FUTURE.

I run so that she can KNOW LOVE.

Would you be willing to support Sabeena?

Would you be willing to support a young girl who was rescued from a certain life of prostitution or sex trafficking and now dreams of becoming a teacher?

I'm not asking you to support me.  I'm asking you to consider supporting a young girl who was orphaned but now belongs to a family.  I'm asking you to invest in her future, and in the future many other young orphaned girls in India, and for the future of India.

So check it out.  You're not supporting a cause, you are supporting a LIFE.

So, dear friend, join me.  Consider praying for her, supporting her, running for her.

Why do YOU run?

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